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MUST READ: “Love with a Chance of Drowning”

28 Jul


“Love with a Chance of Drowning” by Torre DeRoche is the true story of DeRoche’s adventures in meeting a guy in a bar and months later spending about a year (I believe) traveling in a sailboat with him from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas to the Pacific Islands.  DeRoche goes on this adventure despite her fear of deep water.  This book really makes you believe that life is about the adventures in life and that fears can be overcome.  It also makes you believe in love.   I loved this book and highly recommend it.  It made for a great beach read.

4 Days in San Francisco

10 Nov

In November 2010, Matt and I spent four days in San Francisco.  We had the best time and constantly remind ourselves of how much we love San Francisco.  The following is an itinerary for our four days in San Fran:

Day 1:

Walk around Fisherman’s Wharf.

Eat clam chowder in a bread bowl.

Eat ice cream sundae at Gharadelli.

Go to Pier 39.  See the sea lions. DON’T do the mirror maze.

Walk up Lombard Street.

Take the trolley.

Visit Chinatown.

Day 2:

Visit Alcatraz.  Book your tickets well in advance.

Have lunch at the Ferry Building Marketplace.

Day 3:

DO a wine tour in Sonoma and Napa Valley.

Day 4: 

Bike to Sausalito.  You’ll bike over the Golden Gate Bridge.

DO eat in the Italian district.  We loved North Beach Restaurant.

Enjoy San Francisco!

Emily Faye’s San Francisco: Part Two

7 Jan

A tip from a local – if you insist upon taking a trolley car, don’t go to the two official stops. Look at the map and find somewhere you can get on in the middle. You can get on anywhere and not wait in line for hours like you will at the official spots.

Even though the weather is colder in the summer, June is a great time to visit SF.  September/October have much better weather, but June brings Pride Fest (DO DO DO) and street fairs. The street fairs are my favorite! Be sure to check out which one is happening when you’re in town – my favorite are the Union Street Fair and the North Beach Festival.

Other things that I would put towards the back of your list are see the Presidio and Walt Disney Museum.  SF has many other great museums – Di Young, Academy of Sciences (DO on Thursday night – they have a weekly night event with drinks that is great for a date), Palace of the Legion of Honor (they often have really interesting temporary exhibits that are worth checking out), and the Exploratorium (if you go, DO the Tactile Dome – it scared the bajeezus out of me but is AMAZING).

My favorite neighborhood in SF is the Marina – where I live. There are all sorts of small boutiques and restaurants that are very tasty! It’s also a good area to go out at night. My DOs in the area are Ace Wassabi, Naked Fish, or Mas Sake (more clubby – be prepared to dress and listen to club music) for Sushi, Dragon Well for Chinese food, Delarosa for pizza. To go out there are so many bars/clubs. For the more divey I recommend Monaghan’s (Irish pub), Bus Stop, Bar None (they have beer pong in the back), Comet Club (best cheesy music) or the Tipsy Pig. For a little higher end I recommend East Side West, Balboa Cafe, or Matrix Fillmore (clubish). When you’re in the area, try to make it to Lombard Street (DO) to see the curviest street in the US (not 100% certain of that!). Other good neighborhoods to go out in are Polk Street, North Beach (for a more relaxed atmosphere), or the Mission.

ENJOY your visit!!

Emily Faye’s San Francisco: Part 1

23 Dec
When Courtney Mara asked me to be her first guest blogger and write about what to do in SF (as the locals call it) I got excited and then a little nervous – I’m not sure there are any DONTs here.  I moved to San Francisco a little over a year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to really explore the city. Let me tell you, this is one of the BEST cities in the US. There is SO much to do and eat and the weather is pretty nice year round (60 degrees almost always, with a few exceptions).  Anyways, here are my recommendations:
  • DO bring a sweater at nearly all times (ESPECIALLY in the “summer”). The first thing I learned when I moved to SF was to be prepared to layer and unlayer at all times.
  • DO visit Crissy Field (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crissy_Field). It has amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and is a nice walk – about 5 miles – to get some exercise in. A lot of people run around there so feel free to bring your running shoes!
  • DO go eat Bi Rite (http://biritecreamery.com/) ice cream in the Mission and DO hang out in Delores Park like the hipsters of SF. You should go wait in line, get your ice cream and eat it in the park.
  • China Town isn’t my favorite, but for many people who visit it is a definite DO.
  • One of my all time favorite things about the city is Pier 39 – mostly just the sea lions. In my book, this is a definite DO, but remember, because it is a super tourist attraction there will be a billion people. Also, get tickets to go to Alcatraz – this is worth it but DO make reservations before you travel because the boats fill up quickly.
  • If you’re in town during baseball season DO go to a Giant’s game. DO go early and eat/drink at one of the MANY restaurants and bars in the area. Pete’s Tavern is really well known – great sports bar.
  • DON’T go to the Tenderloin, unless you are going to Bourbon and Branch (DO) which is one of the most unique bars in SF. Just make sure to make reservations and get the password!