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MUST READ: “Love with a Chance of Drowning”

28 Jul


“Love with a Chance of Drowning” by Torre DeRoche is the true story of DeRoche’s adventures in meeting a guy in a bar and months later spending about a year (I believe) traveling in a sailboat with him from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas to the Pacific Islands.  DeRoche goes on this adventure despite her fear of deep water.  This book really makes you believe that life is about the adventures in life and that fears can be overcome.  It also makes you believe in love.   I loved this book and highly recommend it.  It made for a great beach read.

24 Hours in L.A.

25 Aug

Matt and I had a layover in L.A. (on our way to Tahiti) and so we decided to take full advantage of it and fly in the day before.   This gave us a busy 24 hours in L.A.

We started our trip by doing probably the most important thing we could have done in L.A.: rented a car (DO)!  L.A. is not a public transportation city.  A car is necessary/extremely helpful.  We then decided to shove our stuff in the trunk and head straight to Santa Monica Pier.  We walked the beach, walked the pier, road the ferris wheel (DO), and ate on the pier.  We then walked around Third Street Promenade (DON’T if you are there for only  24 hours).  We got back in our car and drove the famous drives: we started by going down Wilshire, to Rodeo (to see Beverly Hills), to Sunset Blvd. and up to Hollywood Blvd (DO).  I highly recommend this drive since you see so many sites so quickly.  We did not get out, which Matt would have liked, but I thought we got to see much more since we just did the drive-by tour.

In the later afternoon we parked in Hollywood and walked the Star Walk (DO), took pictures next to stars’ names (DO), saw Chinese and Kodak theaters (DO), and explored the mall (DON’T).  If we would have had more time, I would have loved to take one of those star tours from Hollywood, even though they are super cheesy and you can’t see the houses all to well, but Matt and I were exhausted.  After Hollywood, we drove to my cousin’s super nice apartment and then headed to dinner at Cantor’s Deli.

The following day, Matt and I went to eat at Mel’s Drive-In (DO).  We are both huge fans of Entourage and needed to see the place that is shown in the intro of the show.  The food was great (for a diner) and it was such a cute establishment (again DO).  After breakfast, we drove to Griffith Observatory (DO).  We walked the grounds and took lots of pictures (including pictures of the Hollywood sign).  Afterward, we drove to the car rental facility, dropped the car off, and went to the airport to catch our flight to our next big adventure: Tahiti (DO DO DO).

All in all, L.A. is a great layover!  I hope to do it again so that one day I can take a star tour, participate in a live taping of a show (like the Price is Right), and maybe even hit up Disneyland.