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One Week in London Itinerary

10 Dec

Day 1, Tuesday:  

Leave for London in AM.  Arrive in London in PM.

Day 2, Wednesday:

Walk around London



Day 3, Thursday:

Walk around London (again)




Day 4, Friday:  

Trip to Paris for the day.  Booked Eurostar and Hop On Hop Off bus through Evan Evans Sightseeing Tours (Note: booking through a tourist agency was way cheaper for us than booking the Eurostar alone.  However, we also only booked the night before when Eurostar prices were really high).  We also bought metro cards when we arrived.   The Hop On Hop Off bus takes over two hours so to skip a lot of the delay we utilized the metro to get to a lot of the sites.

Some of the sites we visited include:  the Eiffel Tour (we didn’t go up), Le Louvre (we went inside and ran straight for the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa), Catedrale Notre Dame de Paris (we walked inside), Arc de Triomphe (walked underneath it), Opera National de Paris (only the outside), and we had lunch on the Champs-Elysses.   The absolute highlight of our trip was seeing the Eiffel Tour at night.  We had crepes and wine while watching the Eiffel Tour sparkle (at night, the  Eiffel Tour sparkles the first five minutes of every hour – after that, the lights are just the normal, beautiful lights).      Also, the best viewing spot is outside of Trocedero station.


Extra Helpful Tips: (1) I would not attempt to go see the Catacombs if you only have one day.  It seems like the wait is hours any time you go.   (2) If you are planning this day trip in advance, book your Eiffel Tour fast pass tickets online.  We booked our day trip the night before so the Eiffel Tour tickets were already sold out. (3) Wear comfortable walking shoes.  If you are only doing a day trip, you will walk a lot!


Saturday, October 26:

9am Train to Cambridge.  Arrived at 10am.  Walked around Cambridge, UK.  Visited John’s College and King’s College.  Had lunch near the river.  Shopped at the markets.


We were back in London by 3pm.  When we got back to London we went straight for the NFL rally in Trafalgar Square (one of the reasons we were in London was for the NFL game that Sunday).  Afterwards, we walked around Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, and then we went to Covent Garden for cookies and macaroons.


For dinner we went to Brick Lane for Indian food and then afterwards we went to a speakeasy – Callooh Callay.


Sunday, October 27: 

For breakfast we ate at Up Market near Brick Lane (HIGHLY recommend).  Afterwards, we shopped at Up Market and at Spitalsfield Market.


In the late afternoon we headed to Wembley for the NFL game (Jaguars vs. 49ers).  When that game was over, we went to Sports Bar & Grill at Victoria Station to watch more American football games.  At the very end of the night, we returned back to Buckingham Palace to take pictures at night.


Monday, October 28:

We spent the morning walking around London some more: going inside St. Paul’s Cathedral, seeing the financial district, etc.  In the early afternoon we left London and arrived home in the evening.

Enjoy London (and Paris)! 

National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD

24 Nov

What’s a good way to spend a rainy day?  Visiting an aquarium.  And, if you happen to live in the DC or Baltimore metro areas, the National Aquarium in Baltimore is a MUST VISIT.   Tickets are expensive: $29.95 for adults; but, you can sure fill a day with all of the exhibits.  You will be able to watch a dolphin show, walk through a cool jelly fish exhibit, explore a “rain forest”, and visit the Australia exhibit.  Click here for more information about the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD.

Assateague Island, MD

22 Jun

A few weeks ago Matt and I camped with some friends at Assateague (MD).  It is an island near Ocean City that is a state park on the Maryland side and a national wildlife refuge on the Virginia part.  However, the island is most well known for the wild ponies.

You are able to camp on the Maryland side and there are great facilities and campgrounds that include a picnic table and fire pit.  For anyone that likes to camp, I highly recommend this adventure. Click here for information on the campgrounds and to find out how to book a site.

The activities on the island could include swimming, reading on the beach, walking, running, fishing, and much more.  It is a perfect place for people that just love to lay on a nice beach and not have thousands of people, noise, and boardwalks.

One Day in Philadelphia

18 Feb

Philadelphia is about three hours from DC and is well worth a day trip.  Should you wish to take a day trip to Philadelphia, here are some DOs:

  • DO have a drink at City Tavern where George Washington used to frequent.
  • DO finish your day with a Philly Cheesesteak.  We had ours at Geno’s Steaks.

All of these are possible in one day if you plan ahead (e.g., arrive early, find out about tickets to the sites, get a map of the area, etc.).  See below for some more fun photos of my one day in Philadelphia.

Swimming in Beaver Dam (MD) by Elizabeth

12 Feb

Beaver Dam Swimming Club is about an hour drive from Washington, DC in Cockeysville, MD and is well worth the trip. If you would like to go, plan to spend the day. There are picnic tables, grills, and places to swim. Check the website for hours and prices. http://www.beaverdamswimmingclub.com/


  • 1 full size swimming pool with slide
  • 1 backyard size swimming pool with wall to separate a kids area (this one over looks the quarry)
  • 1 old quarry filled with water and fun water toys
  • 1 very awesome rope swing

What to bring:

  • Lots of friends. The grounds are huge and there is lots of shade (and sun) for relaxing.
  • A big picnic lunch and lots of water. You will need coolers for the food, but there are grills to prepare food. There is a snack bar with some good options but I would tend to rely on the snack bar for an ice cream treat rather than an entire meal.


  • The water in the quarry is very deep.   Make sure children have proper floatation equipment and adults are comfortable swimming where they can not reach the bottom.

For more information about and posts by Elizabeth, check out the Guest Bloggers page.

One Day in Paris

26 Dec

If you have the chance to do even just a day trip to Paris – do it.  It truly is a magical city.  My mother and I took a trip to Paris for the day.  At the time I was living in London so it was just an hour train ride.  It was wonderful trip and I would definitely do it again.

If you have only one day in Paris these are the definite DOs:

  • Take the tourist bus to see all the major sites and to be able to get off at the DO sites.
  • DO go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • DO take a river cruise on the Seine
  • DO visit Le Louvre – DO just run to the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s David and any other pieces you must see.  DO plan ahead – look at a map of Le Louvre and find out what you can realistically see in 1-2 hours maximum.
  • DO go inside Notre Dame

All of these are possible in one day if you plan ahead.  There is so much to see so optimize your time by ordering tickets online and by getting maps of Paris and Le Louvre.