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A Thanksgiving Feast in Washington, DC

25 Nov

This year Matt and I decided to forgo holiday travel and have a “Friendsgiving” in DC.  We were a bit apprehensive considering Matt and I don’t cook that often.   But, we went with the Thanksgiving spirit and spent lots of money on groceries that would eventually turn into stuffing, turkey with thyme, gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and more.

After being let out early on Wednesday, I went straight home to begin cooking our Thanksgiving feast.  Wednesday was to be my time to cook the chocolate peanut butter pie, pumpkin bread, and prepare for the next day’s cooking marathon.   When Matt came home he prepared the turkey.

Thanksgiving day Matt and I woke up to 60 degree, clear sky weather.  To start the day off on a healthy foot, we went for our three mile run.  As soon as we got home, we clunkered down in the kitchen and began the marathon: sweet potato dish with mini marshmallows, stuffing, green bean casserole, steamed broccoli, and more.  We also laid out drinks (beer, wine, and soda) and appetizers (cheese, crackers, pepperoni, pigs in a blanket, olives, and cashews).

At 3pm the festivities began.  We had three friends come over.  We started with appetizers, football, and Apples to Apples.   Around 4:45pm we sat down for “dinner.”  At 6pm we watched Home Alone.  At 7:45pm dessert was served.  And, by 9/10pm every one was tired out.

All in all, this was a beautiful Thanksgiving.  Family was definitely missed, but it sure was nice not to have to travel.

An Engagement Party To Bowl For…

13 Nov

Let me start this blog out by stating: I have a very great/awesome/amazing friend who works at the White House.   Well, this friend, along with four of my other closest girl friends, wanted to throw Matt and me an engagement party.  What location did they come up with?  The White House bowling alley!

On November 12, Matt and I, along with 19 of our closest friends, bowled at the White House bowling alley to celebrate our engagement.  My girl friends brought food and drinks, Erika gave a short speech, Matt gave a bit longer speech, there was music and football on the TV.  We did not play any serious games (besides a few “best of three”), but we had a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures inside the Eisenhower Building, outside the White House, and with the Washington Monument in the background.

Matt and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friends who came from all over to be at our engagement party and who put a lot of effort into throwing us one hell of a rememorable party!